Obsessed w/: Modern Clockwork

Ever since I saw Hugo (if you haven't seen it go, it is an absolutley beautiful film. I'm working on reading the book as well.), I have had a strage obsession with clocks and clockwork. Of course I have an undying love for old grandfather clocks and my clunky man watch I wear almost every day, but more artsy pieces have caught my eye as well. Function and beauty. I wonder though: how the hell can you actually tell time with this? Also, am I the only one who thinks this kind of looks like two legs going in circles? Maybe it's just me...awkward...Needless to say, this clock would look awesome hanging on any wall, whether in a modern or a more traditional setting (just to shake things up). Now that's function.
Wall clock by Walter Wayle II. Found at MOMA Store. http://www.moma.com/ (one of the best design websites ever, in case you were wondering..)

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