Mon T-Shirt En Vrai

Pictures of my DIY 3D floral t-shirt. I've been making a t-shirt like this for years; every time one gets worn out, I re-make it with a slightly new design. The one I made this year is just simple, and highlights the fact that I love a bold shoulder. In the last few years, as I've been making these shirts, I've noticed that other designers,  from everywhere to whoever-designs-for-Target to Giambattista Valli (see photo above, courtesy of www.vogue.com.). Coincidence? I think not. In fact, I think they secretly stole the idea of me. They felt my aura, and were inspired (Could I sue for that? Seriously. I need cash).  Shirt homemade (with Merona t-shirts). Jeans by Jolt.


Style Icon: Christine Centenera

Photos of the lovely Christine Centenera, editor of Elle Australia. Photos courtesy of www.thesartorialist.com. www.jakandjil.com, and www.vogue.com.


Obsessed w/: Office Helpers

These cute animal office organizers will certainly make even the most humdrum of tasks seem...well, slightly less humdrum. The day that I get an office (which will also be the day I get a beautiful house, see below), I will purchase these, assuming they are still in stock, and suddenly *bam*: I will be the master of all dull tasks, the champion of avoiding work-time boredom. Though, hopefully I'll have a job that I love, and these animals will be of no use but a place for me to store my equally colorful erasers and binder clips. Both available at www.momastore.org.


Breakin' A Sweat

I have recently been very into sweat pants chic (what is this like Walmart chic? gross. hold tight, hold tight.). Comfy, warm, and let's be honest, quite classy when worn right.This outfit is inspired by Alexander Wang's collections. Sweatpants, Blazer, and Striped Tank by H&M. Necklace by Forever Twenty-One. Shoes by Franco Sarto. Additional photos courtesy of www.alexanderwang.com. 


House Crush

Yes, it's true, I have a crush on a house. It is also true that every time I go into a new house, or even room, I imagine what I would decorate it like. This may seem weird, but think about it: your awkward neighbor is still going on about the prize pumpkin they grew two years ago for the county fair, and all you can do is nod nod nod, but no! You are secretly an interior decorator with nothing to stop you from completely mind-make-over-ing her house. So I guess if your neighbor aren't boring, this idea is irrelevant (sort of like my life...). But, I have seen my future, and this is it. Photo courtesy of www.vogue.com. If you don't check out there "Homes" section (under "Culture"), check it!


Puff Daddy

No, this is not where I talk about my love for Sean Combs (should I have titled this post P. Diddy? Is that more appropriate? I guess I'll deal with copyright issues later...), but instead where I talk about my undying love (yes, it's that bad) for this H&M cardigan. It is not a new purchase, but instead one I have owned for about three years. It can really spice up any jeans-and-a-white-t shirt combo. Plus, it's a nice textural flashback to the bold shouldered look. (And comfy, did I mention comfy?). 
Cardigan, jeans, t-shirt, and scarf by H&M. (Dude I could totally be in their next ad campaign). Shoes by some shitty unknown company I bought at some shitty unknown store in Belgium. Good luck finding them. (But they were only 20 euros!)


Party of Five Glitters

This post is not what the title makes it to be. It is, however, a petite text about what I did yesterday. Yes, I discovered Wet n' Wild's Fastdry in Party of Five Glitters Nail Polish. There I was, simply picking up some shampoo at Walgreens when this mini party in a jar jumped off the shelf, threw me to the floor and said "Buy me! Buy me! Buy me!" And that I did. And it is my new favorite. While initially a little difficult to put on (you have to mix the, uh, goop with the glitter first), it turned out to be a very fun change to my normally naked nail beds. I offset the pink glitter with a pink thumb nail. Though this was not my original intention (long story...maybe another time...), it turned out to be quite nice, perhaps my new signature? Glittery nails with a solid colored thumb? But well, glitter is all you really need on a Sunday morning, isn't it? It's like Saturday night threw up on my finger tips. Wet n' Wild Nail Polish, available at all drugstores.