Mon T-Shirt En Vrai

Pictures of my DIY 3D floral t-shirt. I've been making a t-shirt like this for years; every time one gets worn out, I re-make it with a slightly new design. The one I made this year is just simple, and highlights the fact that I love a bold shoulder. In the last few years, as I've been making these shirts, I've noticed that other designers,  from everywhere to whoever-designs-for-Target to Giambattista Valli (see photo above, courtesy of www.vogue.com.). Coincidence? I think not. In fact, I think they secretly stole the idea of me. They felt my aura, and were inspired (Could I sue for that? Seriously. I need cash).  Shirt homemade (with Merona t-shirts). Jeans by Jolt.

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