Puff Daddy

No, this is not where I talk about my love for Sean Combs (should I have titled this post P. Diddy? Is that more appropriate? I guess I'll deal with copyright issues later...), but instead where I talk about my undying love (yes, it's that bad) for this H&M cardigan. It is not a new purchase, but instead one I have owned for about three years. It can really spice up any jeans-and-a-white-t shirt combo. Plus, it's a nice textural flashback to the bold shouldered look. (And comfy, did I mention comfy?). 
Cardigan, jeans, t-shirt, and scarf by H&M. (Dude I could totally be in their next ad campaign). Shoes by some shitty unknown company I bought at some shitty unknown store in Belgium. Good luck finding them. (But they were only 20 euros!)

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