Party of Five Glitters

This post is not what the title makes it to be. It is, however, a petite text about what I did yesterday. Yes, I discovered Wet n' Wild's Fastdry in Party of Five Glitters Nail Polish. There I was, simply picking up some shampoo at Walgreens when this mini party in a jar jumped off the shelf, threw me to the floor and said "Buy me! Buy me! Buy me!" And that I did. And it is my new favorite. While initially a little difficult to put on (you have to mix the, uh, goop with the glitter first), it turned out to be a very fun change to my normally naked nail beds. I offset the pink glitter with a pink thumb nail. Though this was not my original intention (long story...maybe another time...), it turned out to be quite nice, perhaps my new signature? Glittery nails with a solid colored thumb? But well, glitter is all you really need on a Sunday morning, isn't it? It's like Saturday night threw up on my finger tips. Wet n' Wild Nail Polish, available at all drugstores.

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