Is it here yet?

The Oscars are coming the Oscars are coming! Yes, it is that time of year again, the year of award show after award show, half of which no one has heard of (but hopefully the nominees have...). Normally, I get bored bored bored watching such shows, but the Oscars are of course the exception. I intend to dress up for the occasion (though I'll be going no where special, just the lounge..). And here my dad said I would never re-use my prom dress! I know what you're thinking. Prom dress? "At" the Oscars? That's not tacky at all (note the sarcasm). But you know not my dress: a vintage, knee length, black and gold beaded shift. Yes, it is beauty. I thus created a set (thank you, polyvore) inspired by both my dress and the Little Gold Man himself.  Though, if I had to do it over (with a bit more money in my bank), I would wear this eerily similar Zac Posen gown. If anyone wears it to the Oscars, it better be someone I admire. Or I will be grumpy with them. And their stylist. On a side note, the film HUGO was nominated for best picture, best costume, best art direction, best directing, best film editing, best music (original score), best sound mixing, best sound editing, best visual effects, and best writing (adapted screenplay). How many nominations is that for Hugo, then, my math-geek freinds? That's right: count 'em up TEN. If I had a vote in this, Hugo would sweep the show.
Top picture: Created by abakibeck, www.polyvore.net. Bottom picture: Courtesy Zac Posen Pre-Fall 2012.

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