My Own Swan Dress

The One. The Only. The Dress. 
Bjork is without a doubt an outlandish style icon, marching to her own beat. She was last decades version of Lady Gaga. One of her most famous dresses, was of course, the Swan Dress, which even has it's own Wikipedia page. (For those of you who don't know, she wore The Dress to the 2001 Academy Awards.) The dress was parodied in everything from the film White Chicks to the Nickelodeon cartoon Fairly Odd Parents. Of course, not everyone can pull of a dress like that and still like gorgeous (i.e., not all of us are BJORK). So, here is my more wearable, more everyday version. No, not as out-there as The Dress, but it is none the less happy. Shirt by H&M. Skirt by Clockhouse. Shoes by Aerosole. 

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