Obsessed w/: Cutsey Origami

It is on these blustery winter days, when so many are knitting, baking, or watching SVU marathons, that I realize I need to dive into the pool of hobby-ing. When I was younger, I bought a plethora of origami animal kits from Book Clubs at school or stationary stores, learning how to make origami dogs, guinea pigs, and seahorses. I never learned how to make swans, however, until just last fall. After the awkward stage of making chubby chubby swans, I was hooked. Last year I passed my hours dans la salle d'etude making swans of old chemistry exams and French papers. Legend says that anyone who makes 1000 swans will have their hearts true desire; I've already made nearly 300. (Does that mean I'll become the next Andrea Sachs if I make that many? Future clacker I am!) But nonethless I really don't feel like cutting up worksheet after worksheet, hoping it will be a perfect square. These cute papers (conveniently already cut into squares!) would certainly make my swans more attractive, and their bright colors may help to disguise any badly folded edges (I really don't want to return to my chubby chubby swan phase). This paper is from http://www.muji.us/

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